30thAnniversary Auditions

Auditions for our Winter Musical (our 30th Anniversary) will be held Tuesday, September 4, 2018 at 2:00 p.m. in the Port Saint Lucie High School Auditorium. This production is open to students of Port Saint Lucie High School only.

Music Auditions

Note from Ms. Joyce: You should learn the whole song even though the auditions will be bits and pieces (in order to save time). You may be asked to sing the entire song at some point during the audition process. Become as familiar as you can with as many songs as you wish. You may be asked to try out for a part you never dreamed of playing, so be ready! The call-back audition is usually where we spend a lot of time with each auditioner and we will ask a lot of you. Bring your best game. We are cheering for all of you!

Here is the list of music which will be used for vocal auditions:

Be Our Guest ‐ from "Be our guest, be our guest, get your worries off your chest" ‐ finish at "Don't believe me? Ask the china." - (sing only melody)

Belle ‐ beginning, then skip to "There must be more than this provincial life."

If I Can’t Love Her ‐ beginning, then ending after key change to higher range

Belle and Beast:
Transformation Duet ‐ to test if you can harmonize together and hold your part

Me ‐ beginning, then skip to ending

No Matter What ‐ from "No matter what the pain" to the end

Mrs. Potts:
Beauty and the Beast ‐ entire song

Le Fou:
Gaston ‐ from “No one’s been like Gaston”

Be Our Guest ‐ beginning

Human Again ‐ from "When I'm human again"

Be Our Guest ‐ same as Company audition

Human Again ‐ from “So sweep the dust from the floor” ‐ finish at “Any day now”
including “Alert the dustpail and broom.”

Maison des Lunes ‐ from “I’ll be strapping up an inmate” to the end

Silly Girls:
Belle: - from “Look there he goes!  Isn’t he dreamy?”
ending at “He’s such a tall, dark, strong and handsome brute.”